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Sometimes Just Writing Clears Your Head

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, and that in lies the problem for most people. When left to their own devices most people begin to doubt themselves, beginning to question things they have done in the past. If some of the decisions they had made were the right decisions. Or if some of the timing in their life was lined up with another person's and that they would have to wait until it did.

When it comes to that waiting it sucks sometimes because you just want that time to be now, you want things to work out within that moment in time and not later on. It really hurts also when you make a decision to remove someone from your life due to another person and that person you made that sacrifice for throws it back in your face, it causes you to doubt if you made the right decision in getting rid of the other person.

Some nights you just want to cry yourself to sleep and you have no reason to other than your past which was so long ago. Would you be happier now if you had made different choices? But I guess only you yourself can answer that question and it may take some time before you get the answer. And until then you will continue to question the motive of what life has in store for you.

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