August 6th, 2013


Everybody Just Wants That Fairytale Ending

Have been single for so long I feel as though I'm never going to find that person. All I want at this point in time is just someone I can fall asleep next to as they hold me. I miss having that intimate contact of a significant other. I'm beginning to feel like I had my chance and I fucked it up.

It also doesn't help that I feel as though I torture myself by reading stories that have semi happy endings, or they have that perfect relationship in them. They just make me wonder what I did to not deserve someone that will love me unconditional.

I want someone who'll love me without making me feel like they are using me, like I'm just a toy for them, or even like I'm a burden to them. I've just felt so lost lately and just want that person that will help me feel less lost. That person that can be my rock when I need one, especially since I'm always there for my friends and such but I feel like I don't have that back 100%.
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